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I’d like to welcome you to our new and improved website. If you are just becoming familiar with Sweis, or even if you are a long time customer, this site can be a great resource for you and your business. It’s filled with information on the lines that we offer from MoroccanOil, Keratin Complex, ColorProof, D.S. Laboratories, Living Proof, Keune, Reuzel, BLNDN and more.

Discover new products and engage with brands via social networking, quickly and conveniently locate education opportunities, view beauty imagery, how-to tutorials and videos. This is another great way that Sweis is enhancing our customer’s experience and helping our salons grow. As a company, we all remain deeply committed to delivering the highest quality products, best customer service and inspiring education opportunities. We want to be the resource that you turn to should you need guidance in any of these areas.

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We look forward to working with you and getting to know you and your business better. Here are just a few of the wonderful and kind comments that we have received recently. Click here.


Karl Sweis & Teresa Sweis


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    Executive VP of Sales

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    Vice President

  • David Wandrey

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Education Manager

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    Marketing Manager


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    Accounting Manager

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    Southern Region Sales Manager

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    Central Region Sales Manager

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    North Region Sales Manager

  • Nisha Patel

    Keratin Complex Brand Manager

  • Robert Peden

    Moroccanoil Brand Manager

  • Ronette Castaneda

    ColorProof Brand Manager

  • Denny Grimmett

    Keune Brand Manager

  • Rosie Escalante

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Desteni Bisio

    Salon Consultant

  • Tanya Del Pozzo

    Salon Consultant

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    Salon Consultant

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    Salon Consultant

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    Salon Consultant

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    Salon Consultant

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    Salon Consultant

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    Salon Consultant


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    Regional Store Manager

  • Donna Bautista

    Torrance Store Manager

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    Torrance Store Associate

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    Las Vegas Store Manager

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    Las Vegas Store Associate

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    Encino Store Manager

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    Encino Store Associate

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    Lake Forest Store Manager

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    Lake Forest Store Associate

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    Lake Forest Store Associate

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    San Diego Store Manager

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    San Diego Store Associate