• Living Proof - Foundations of Cutting 1.0

    This introductory course to Living Proof SMART | Cutting teaches the art of the client consultation. Explore opportunities to build a strong understanding of what your client is really asking for. We will discuss how to determine the best product and style suited for their lifestyle and natural hair. From wet looks to big volume, this versatile cut will improve your client’s time and change her routine. This course includes one long cut featuring SMART | Cutting for framing, texture, length and waves finished with our SMART | Styling.

  • Moroccanoil - Signature Cutting: Trending Now Look & Learn

    Signature Cutting: Trending Now is an introduction to Moroccanoil Cutting terminology and methodology. Current haircutting techniques are interpreted and perfected through consultation and craftsmanship. Course Focus
    •Demonstrations and hands-on cutting and styling
    •Product knowledge and usage
    •One haircut and style