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ColorProof - Women's Elevated Cutting Class (Hands On)

Gone is the time of salon cutting classes being about learning a singular cut and trying to make it work for your clientele. In this class, ColorProof will teach two beautifully classic haircut shapes (one long and one short), plus ways to customize each based on your clients’ personal preferences and needs. We know a clients’ total experience goes beyond their cut, so we’ll also teach you how to provide an elevated, unforgettable experience that will increase client retention and get referrals. You will walk away with so many ‘ah-ha’ moments and takeaways that you can immediately use to grow your skill set and success.

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Mon 11/04/19
10:00 AM
2:00 PM
  • The Loft
  • 402 Ingalls St. #8
  • Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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ColorProof - Women's Elevated Cutting Class (Hands On)

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