• Babe - Eyelash Extension Certification

    Eyelash Extension Certification will teach you everything you need to know for eyelash extensions. Participants will learn about the theory and growth cycle associated with natural eyelashes as well as proper placement and technique for eyelash extensions. Participants will learn several different styles for placing eyelashes, and the DO’s and DONT’S associated with placement. The educator will demo on artificial lashes, as well as have model(s) for the entire class to take turns applying lashes on. Attendees must also purchase a Student or Professional Kit from Sweis. 

  • Babe - Fusion Hair Extensions

    This program focuses on teaching our Fusion extension method, as well as developing skills to cut, blend and place extensions in more creative and advanced ways. Stylists will also be introduced to our newest application of micro-bonding. This class is designed for stylists that have experience with the Tape-In and Beaded methods, and are looking to expand their knowledge into the more advanced application of Fusion. 

  • Babe - Hand Tied Weft Extensions

    Come and learn the quickest, best approach for applying seamless weft extensions, while still focusing on preserving the integrity of your clients hair!

    All attendees must purchase a Babe Hand Tied Weft Starter Kit.

  • Babe - Mastery Tour

    This two-day event is designed to give stylists everything they need to be successful with extensions. This class is for everyone; to stylists that may only have a little bit of experience with extensions, to those who are experienced and are ready to take their creativity to the next level.

    On the first day, stylists will be exposed to hours of hands-on application of the Tape In and Beaded extensions, while learning the proper placement for a full head of extensions. Participants will receive insight into the “vision” of extensions. Also, gain an understanding of how to look at someone and know exactly where that client’s look can be taken to, while maintaining a natural, believable end result. Stylists will learn how to properly cut and blend the extensions into a client’s hair.

    On the second day, participants will learn the more advanced Fusion method of extensions, including our newest technique of Micro Bonding, as well as being exposed to more advanced cutting and blending procedures. Stylists will dive deeper into the “vision” by creating some of their own masterpieces on mannequins.

    Participants will also be given marketing ideas, and suggestions to debunk common myths associated with extensions. Included in the class fee is a Deluxe Kit for each participant, with all the tools necessary for each application, access to our online videos for support after the class, and each participant will be listed on our website as a Master Extension Stylist to help market themselves. 

    Lunch is provided.

  • Babe - Tape In & Beaded Hair Extensions

    This class is designed to introduce stylists to the Tape-In and Beaded methods of hair extensions, including I-Tip and Flat-Tip, in one class. This class is designed for stylists that are new to the extension category. This is our most requested type of training for extensions. Participants will get some hands-on experience in applying the extensions. They will also leave with marketing strategies, ways to make the most money possible for their time and how to boost their career.

    Learn how to install and remove all methods of Babe hair extensions including:

    - Flat-Tip, I-Tip, Tape-In
    - Learn about the new Babe Instant Hair which includes Bangs, Clip-In and Crown Hair Extensions
    - Learn how to properly market your extension services and increase your business
    - Learn how to price the installation, removal and " touch-up" of your hair extension clients
    - Learn how to provide the proper daily maintenance for your hair extensions and how to double the life of the hair
    - Learn how to grow your business while working less and making more! The back to business basics of Babe hair extensions will be taught

  • Babe - Tape-in, Beaded & Fusion Hair Extensions

    Learn about the newest, most revolutionary methods to hit the hair extension market. This in-depth, hands-on class covers:

    • Tape-in & Beaded & Fusion
    • Marketing & pricing
    • Client consultations
    • Coloring and cutting as well as hair care techniques
    • Stylists will also receive a certificate!