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ColorProof - Progressive Braiding

We live in a visually expressive and social media-exposed world where braiding has taken over. This trend isn’t going anywhere! Do you find yourself Insta-stalking stylists for creative braiding inspiration? Have you ever asked yourself “how did they do that?” Yes?! Then you belong in this class! You will learn SIX braiding techniques that progress in difficulty, why to use each one for effect, and how to create a completed style. We will also “go beyond the Google” and teach how to un-do braid pictures to figure out how to accomplish the most salon-requested styles. You will leave with a new skill set and the confidence to create your own beautiful, insta-worthy looks.

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10:00 AM
12:00 PM
  • IM Hair Studio
  • 3913 1/3 Riverside Dr.
  • Burbank, CA 91505
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ColorProof - Progressive Braiding

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