Wildfire Relief

Berlin Dry Shampoo

by Pulp Riot

  • Size: 4 Fl. Oz.

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Minimize Oil and Moisture
Cleanse and refresh between shampoos.

No Residue or Build Up
Refresh shine and volume with the freedom to brush and restyle.

Vegan - Signature Scent

Powered by:
• Rice Starch - Cleanse & Absorbs.
• Vegan Protein - Body & Shine.
• Rhodiola Rosea Root - Heat Protection.
Does Berlin Dry Shampoo leave “white flakes” in the hair?
No. It is a good idea to remind your clients to let the product set for a moment before brushing or styling.

How can we prevent build-up?
Spray about 6” away from the root area. This will help prevent build-up and evenly distribute the product.

Can Berlin Dry Shampoo be used on wet hair?
While it performs best on dry hair, it can be used on hair that has become moist by sweat, but not
on wet hair.

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