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Babe Protector Disks 10 pc.

Protector Disks

by Babe

  • Size: 10 pc.
Note: Can only be ordered in multiples of {0}.
Babe Protector Disks are made for the Fusion method. These reusable Protector Disks keep hair safe and clean while applying the keratin bonds with The Melting Connector. They keep excess keratin residue from sticking to your client's hair. Simply clip the disk so the hole is just below the part. Protector Disks also help you select the proper amount of hair to attach to the extension.
Simply clip the disk to hair, right at the part line where the extensions are going to be installed. Follow the guidelines on the disk for the best result in placement. Pull a strand of hair through that matches the size and weight of the extension strand. Bond the extension as directed, using the Babe Melting Connector, and the disk will protect and steady the hair. When the bond is finished, slide the hair out through the slit.

* For professional use only.

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