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Babe Straight 18 inch Extensions

I-Tip Pro Straight 18 inch Extensions

by Babe

Note: Can only be ordered in multiples of {0}.
Babe I-Tip Pro Extensions enhance every strand of your hair with 360 degree movement. You might not know what to do with your hair’s volume, length, and versatility. That’s okay. Wear it up or down, the beads are easy to hide--especially since they come in five fabulous colors.

I-Tip installation is a snap! Microbeads are clamped to securely hold each hair extension strand in place. That means your hair can be long and full without the worry of slippage. This amazing method has absolutely no chemicals, no glue, and no heat.

May be reused up to 3 times
Application time: 1 to 2 hours
Lasts 3 to 6 months with proper care
Straight 18"
Q: How many strands of hair do I need for a full head?
A: The average head of hair takes between 5 and 6 packs (100 – 120 strands). However, depending on the length of the client’s hair, as well as the thickness this can vary. Someone with a short bob for example may use as many as 10 packs, whereas someone with shoulder length hair may only need 4.

Q: What color should I choose?
A: We have many colors to choose from in a wide variety of shades and levels. Remember, because the hair is 100% human you can also color the hair to a level of your choice. For a list of our colors click here to view our Color Ring. or you can purchase a Color Ring to help make the decision.

Q: What is the difference between I-Tip and Fusion?
A: Our I-Tip method is also known as the beading method. It involves tiny aluminum beads created to hold the hair in place. It also alleviates the use of heat and glue making the removal process much easier. We have 100% keratin tips applied to the hair making it easy to hide and use.

Q: How many strands come in a pack?
A: In our I-Tip and Fusion packs, there are 20 strands per pack. Tape-In packs come with ten 1 ½” wefts. Clip-Ins come with several pieces of varying sizes. (View the product page for more details.)

Q: How do I care for my hair?
A: For a complete list of hair care instructions visit feel free to view our hair care instruction card. Be sure to always use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Try not to expose the bonds to chlorinated water or other harsh ingredients.

Q: What can I do with my hair once the extensions are in?
A: Basically anything you would do with your own hair. From curling to blow-drying, flat-ironing and styling. Just remember to always take extra good care of your hair.

Q: Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?
A: Yes! Babe sells a very affordable hair extension brush. We recommend requiring each new customer to purchase one to ensure proper care and maintenance for the hair. When brushing, hold the hair at the roots and brush from the tips working up.

Q: Can I dye my hair extensions?
A: Yes! If you must dye your extensions, use only a semi- or demi- permanent hair color. Never lift color, only deposit it. Make sure to keep it within two shades of the hair’s original color. And always do a strand test first, so you can ensure that the results will be what you want.

Q: Where does the hair come from?
A: Our hair comes from India and then is processed in China before it is shipped to the United States. Women in India donate their hair to the local temples.

Q: Will the extensions damage my hair?
A: If installed correctly and taken care of properly, your hair will not be harmed.

Q: Do you sell to the public?
A: No. We only sell our products through distributors. If you would like to offer Babe Products in your salon, contact a distributor.
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 1- Betty 18 inch /media/products/babe/3-hair-swatch-human-1-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 1- Betty 18 inch

    1- Betty 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-1
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 1001- Yvonne 18 inch /media/products/babe/21-hair-swatch-human-1001-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 1001- Yvonne 18 inch

    1001- Yvonne 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-1001
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 12- Dottie 18 inch /media/products/babe/14-hair-swatch-human-12-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 12- Dottie 18 inch

    12- Dottie 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-12
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 12/600- Caroline 18 inch /media/products/babe/babecaroline12-600.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 12/600- Caroline 18 inch

    12/600- Caroline 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-12/600
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 12-60 Ombre- Louise 18 inch /media/products/babe/babe12-60olouise.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 12-60 Ombre- Louise 18 inch

    12-60 Ombre- Louise 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-O-12_60
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 1B- Susie 18 inch /media/products/babe/4-hair-swatch-human-1b-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 1B- Susie 18 inch

    1B- Susie 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-1B
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 1B/60 Ombre- Stevie 18 inch /media/products/babe/babe1b-60ostevie.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 1B/60 Ombre- Stevie 18 inch

    1B/60 Ombre- Stevie 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-O-1B_60
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 2- Sally 18 inch /media/products/babe/5-hair-swatch-human-2-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 2- Sally 18 inch

    2- Sally 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-2
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 2-27A- Nina 18 inch /media/products/babe/s-tape18-o-2_27a.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 2-27A- Nina 18 inch

    2-27A- Nina 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-O-2_27A
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 24- Cindy 18 inch /media/products/babe/16-hair-swatch-human-24-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 24- Cindy 18 inch

    24- Cindy 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-24
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 27/613- Bridget 18 inch /media/products/babe/19-hair-swatch-human-27-613-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 27/613- Bridget 18 inch

    27/613- Bridget 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-27/613
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 27A- Veronica 18 inch /media/products/babe/18-hair-swatch-human-27a-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 27A- Veronica 18 inch

    27A- Veronica 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-27A
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 30/33- Ruby 18 inch /media/products/babe/20-hair-swatch-human-30-33-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 30/33- Ruby 18 inch

    30/33- Ruby 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-30/33
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 38- Gigi 18 inch /media/products/babe/babegigiswatchitippro.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 38- Gigi 18 inch

    38- Gigi 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-38
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 3R- Betsy 18 inch /media/products/babe/6-hair-swatch-human-3r-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 3R- Betsy 18 inch

    3R- Betsy 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-3R
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 4- Maryann 18 inch /media/products/babe/7-hair-swatch-human-4-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 4- Maryann 18 inch

    4- Maryann 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-4
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 5B- Roxanne 18 inch /media/products/babe/8-hair-swatch-human-5b-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 5B- Roxanne 18 inch

    5B- Roxanne 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-5B
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 5R- Emmie 18 inch /media/products/babe/9-hair-swatch-human-5r-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 5R- Emmie 18 inch

    5R- Emmie 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-5R
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 5RC- Kari 18 inch /media/products/babe/babemachine5rc.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 5RC- Kari 18 inch

    5RC- Kari 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-5RC
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 6- Daisy 18 inch /media/products/babe/10-hair-swatch-human-6-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 6- Daisy 18 inch

    6- Daisy 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-6
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 6/10- Eva 18 inch /media/products/babe/11-hair-swatch-human-6-10-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 6/10- Eva 18 inch

    6/10- Eva 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-6/10
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 60- Patsy 18 inch /media/products/babe/22-hair-swatch-human-60-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 60- Patsy 18 inch

    60- Patsy 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-60
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 600- Dixie 18 inch /media/products/babe/23-hair-swatch-human-600-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 600- Dixie 18 inch

    600- Dixie 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-600
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 613- Marilyn 18 inch /media/products/babe/24-hair-swatch-human-613-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 613- Marilyn 18 inch

    613- Marilyn 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-613
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 8- Lucy 18 inch /media/products/babe/12-hair-swatch-human-8-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 8- Lucy 18 inch

    8- Lucy 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-8
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 80- Frankie 18 inch /media/products/babe/frankie.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 80- Frankie 18 inch

    80- Frankie 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-80
  • Babe I-Tip Pro 99J- Colette 18 inch /media/products/babe/babecoletteswatchitippro.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe 99J- Colette 18 inch

    99J- Colette 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-99J
  • Babe I-Tip Pro Blue- Malorie 18 inch /media/products/babe/25-hair-swatch-human-blue-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Blue- Malorie 18 inch

    Blue- Malorie 18 inch

  • Babe I-Tip Pro Dark Fuchsia- Pamela 18 inch /media/products/babe/27-hair-swatch-human-dark-fuchsia-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Dark Fuchsia- Pamela 18 inch

    Dark Fuchsia- Pamela 18 inch

  • Babe I-Tip Pro Funky Variety- Purple, Teal, 60 (Claudia), Blue, Dark Fuxia 18 inch /media/products/babe/32-hair-swatch-human-funky-variety-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Funky Variety- Purple, Teal, 60 (Claudia), Blue, Dark Fuxia 18 inch

    Funky Variety- Purple, Teal, 60 (Claudia), Blue, Dark Fuxia 18 inch

  • Babe I-Tip Pro Ombre 12/600- Gabby 18 inch /media/products/babe/97-12-600-.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Ombre 12/600- Gabby 18 inch

    Ombre 12/600- Gabby 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-O-12_600
  • Babe I-Tip Pro Ombre 1B-6- Doris 18 inch /media/products/babe/95-1b-6-.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Ombre 1B-6- Doris 18 inch

    Ombre 1B-6- Doris 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-O-1B_6
  • Babe I-Tip Pro Ombre 1B-Silver- Sasha 18 inch /media/products/babe/ombre1b-silver-sasha.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Ombre 1B-Silver- Sasha 18 inch

    Ombre 1B-Silver- Sasha 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-O-1B_Silver
  • Babe I-Tip Pro Ombre 4-613- Kymberly 18 inch /media/products/babe/96-4-613-.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Ombre 4-613- Kymberly 18 inch

    Ombre 4-613- Kymberly 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-O-4_613
  • Babe I-Tip Pro Pink- Mary Catherine 18 inch /media/products/babe/babemarycatherine.png?preset=t275
    Babe Pink- Mary Catherine 18 inch

    Pink- Mary Catherine 18 inch

  • Babe I-Tip Pro Purple- Paige 18 inch /media/products/babe/s-tape18-purple.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Purple- Paige 18 inch

    Purple- Paige 18 inch

  • Babe I-Tip Pro Red- Victoria 18 inch /media/products/babe/30-hair-swatch-human-red-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Red- Victoria 18 inch

    Red- Victoria 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-RED
  • Babe I-Tip Pro Red Wine- Vivian 18 inch /media/products/babe/babevivianswatchitippro.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Red Wine- Vivian 18 inch

    Red Wine- Vivian 18 inch

  • Babe I-Tip Pro Silver- Stella 18 inch /media/products/babe/18si-silver.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Silver- Stella 18 inch

    Silver- Stella 18 inch

    SKU 18SI-Silver
  • Babe I-Tip Pro Teal- Peggy 18 inch /media/products/babe/31-hair-swatch-human-teal-copy.jpg?preset=t275
    Babe Teal- Peggy 18 inch

    Teal- Peggy 18 inch