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MOROCCANOIL ChromaTech Service Independent Stylist Kit 3 pc.

ChromaTech Service Independent Stylist Kit


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  • Size: 3 pc.
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Discover the service portion of the MOROCCANOIL COLOR COMPLETE Regimen with the MOROCCANOIL ChromaTech Service Independent Stylist Kit! The 2-step ChromaTech Service primes and seals for best color results, infusing argan oil deep into the cortex and rebuilding the keratin structure.

2 ChromaTech PRIME 1.7 oz.
1 ChromaTech POST 16.9 oz.

The first step in the MOROCCANOIL ChromaTech Service, ChromaTech PRIME is a pre-color treatment that works on the scalp and hair to provide the perfect canvas prior to haircolor or lightener application. Infused with a blend of ceramides, this primer helps to create a healthier scalp environment, while helping to restore the protective barrier function of the scalp to reduce sensitivity and discomfort.

ChromaTech PRIME also creates the optimal canvas for haircolor by equalizing the porosity of the hair fiber, opening the cuticle where virgin hair is most resistant so pigments will deposit evenly and haircolor will be uniform throughout. Featuring ArganIDTM technology, positively charged micro-particles are attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber, infusing the antioxidant powers of argan oil deep into the cortex.

Features & Benefits:
Primes hair fiber to boost haircolor deposit
Equalizes porosity for more even coverage
Soothes the scalp
Combats scalp sensitivity during haircolor service
Restores the protective barrier function of the scalp

The second step in the MOROCCANOIL ChromaTech Service, ChromaTech POST
is an after-color service treatment that ensures the best results, while restoring the integrity of the hair. For the most thorough coverage and longest-lasting results, hair must be immediately repaired to restore its health following a color service to effectively lock in haircolor. COLORLINKTM technology, with micro-encapsulated argan oil, takes a dual-action approach to seal in haircolor—repairing both physically and chemically through the following 3 mechanisms:

1. Creates cross-links to rebuild the keratin structure, restoring the entire hair fiber and locking haircolor within.
2. Polymers form a protective hydrophobic shield that helps prevent haircolor washout.
3. With ArganIDTM, positively charged micro-particles are attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber, infusing argan oil into the cortex while simultaneously sealing
and helping repair the hair.

Through active COLORLINKTM technology, the negative effects of haircolor are immediately counteracted by holistically addressing all of hair’s specific needs immediately following a haircolor service. Hair feels softer and stronger with increased vibrancy.

Features & Benefits:
Physically and chemically helps to repair the hair
Locks in haircolor
Seals the cuticle
Increases haircolor vitality

Before applying haircolor, section hair into quadrants.
Use 2-inch (5-cm) subsections within each quadrant and spray ChromaTech PRIME globally, evenly and lightly from re-growth through ends.
Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute product evenly along each strand.
Allow to dry and apply haircolor or lightener as usual.

After shampooing with MOROCCANOIL COLOR CONTINUE SHAMPOO, gently blot excess water from hair.
Apply ChromaTech POST generously into palms and distribute globally from roots through ends. Leave on for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.
For fine or medium hair: 2–3 pumps
For coarse, dense and/or long-length hair: 3–5 pumps
Arginine: a natural amino acid, the pH of hair can be increased to the optimal level for a pre-haircolor service to equalize porosity for more even coverage.
ArganIDTM: positively charged micro-particles are attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber, infusing argan oil into the cortex while simultaneously helping to repair the hair.
Ceramide 3; Ceramide 6 II; Ceramide 1; Phytosphingosine; Cholesterol: a blend of ceramides that have the ability to restore the skin, enhance moisturization and provide natural protection for a healthy scalp.
Siegesbeckia Orientalis Extract: natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps stop free radicals and the beginning stages of in ammation.
COLORLINKTM: uniquely creates cross-links throughout the keratin structure, helping to trap haircolor within while forming a protective shield that prevents haircolor washout.
Apricot Oil: rich in oleic acid and antioxidants for nourishment and shine.