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aloxxi color tones

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  • 8062 TONES Colour TONES Colour 1 Demi-Permanent Colour Click to View Colors Aloxxi Aloxxi TONES Demi-Permanent Colour Click to View Colors False aloxxi/aloxxitones2ozmaster.jpg Bonus Deal Available 5.95 5.95 5.95 False False False False 0.00 True False Contract/Diversion agreement required. 0 Aloxxi TONES Demi-Permanent Colour ensures hair remains gorgeous during and after the coloring process. TONES features the CDP Complex to deliver complete coverage, moisturizing conditioners, and brilliant shine into every strand. Offering 100 colorful shades, TONES gives your clients an opportunity to express their style and experience a fun, interactive salon experience! True Log in to view pricing! False
    Aloxxi Demi-Permanent Colour

    TONES Demi-Permanent Colour

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