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Education Interview - Cory Elizabeth


- How did you get started in education field?
I got my start in the education field when I was just a child, my Grandma Lynn was a teacher, and I would often work with her as a classroom volunteer or even help her with tutoring. My other, Grandma Gini, was a nail tech and hair stylist, so professionally I always knew I wanted to tie those two legacies together. When I got the opportunity to work in manufacturer education I jumped at the chance.

- What is your favorite MILBON line and product?
I could never choose just one product from such a high performing line, so let’s just say this… My favorite Signature product is the Smooth Collection, this was the very first Milbon treatment I experienced, and the results were undeniable, it really made me believe in the product. When it comes to the Sophistone collection, I am very partial to an amazing lightener, so Elite Powder is really the ideal tool for such a regular in salon service. 

- What is the latest approach you are bringing to education?
The latest approach I am bringing to education is to focus on the details, whether we’re formulating color, diagraming a precision cut, or creating an avantgarde style, it’s all about the details. My goal as an educator and leader with Milbon is to encourage stylists to fall in love with every aspect of their trade. I want stylists to know the why, not just the what or who. 

- What are the common problems faced by hair stylist today?
One of the common problems stylists face these days is dealing with the unrealistic expectations our clients often with social media and Pinterest inspiration and hair goals. That’s why it is so important for stylists to have advanced communication skills and the ability to have a thorough client consultation, I really love the consultation guild that Milbon has, it encourages the stylist to really take the time to understand the clients, goals, needs, and ability to wear and maintain each style. 

- What do you want stylists to know about education?
It is very commonly said, but knowledge is power, knowledge builds confidence. I want stylists to find comfort in education, after all every hair artist started in a very similar situation, as student. 

- What are your goals as an educator?
My Goal as an educator is to support the industry that I love, the professional salon industry. Over the past few years, we have seen the industry change so much, but one thing is clear, salon professionals provide an essential service to the community. It is up to us as educators and industry leaders to keep the passion alive and thriving, with inspiring trends and products as well as the career building knowledge that everyone can benefit from. 

- What new skill would you like to learn (with or without hair)?
Outside of the industry, the skill set I would most like to add to my repertoire would be a new language. Communication and human interaction are so vital to our roll as educators and stylists, so it is very important to connect with people on as many levels as possible.  

- Who is your biggest mentor?
I am very lucky to have had a lot of mentors in my life, from childhood mentors that taught me about hard work and accountability to adult life mentors who have taught me some of the most important lesson in my life about business, people, and creativity. I could never name just one as I would be an entirely different person without each experience, both good and bad. 

- What is the most rewarding part of educating?
The most rewarding part of education is getting to be a part of the stylist journey. I love getting a “light bulb moment” from a class, knowing that I am helping them take their skills and business to the next level. 

- What is your favorite cutting or coloring technique?
My favorite coloring technique is foiling, there is something I find so relaxing about the repetitive motion and the immediate satisfaction of the lift. In addition, I am slightly anal retentive so I love creating perfect sections and foils foil packets, I was always trained, If you put them in perfect, they will come out perfect. 

- What advice do you have for new stylists?
My best advice for new stylists is to learn from every stylist around you, learn what type of stylist you want to be and what type of stylist you don’t want to be, then work everyday to ensure that you are. Take yourself serious as a professional, own your business and your art, that way wherever you end up you know that you earned it. 

- What advice do you have for experienced stylists?
My advice for experience stylists would be to keep up the great work. Some of the hardest working women I know are stylists and salon owners, they have shown us what this industry is capable of and remind us of its potential every day. 

- How do you like to spend your days off? (hobbies/interests)
Most of my off time is spent relaxing with fiancé and my dog or spending time with family and friends. I love to read and watch movies, but animals are my favorite really. My family lives on a ranch so I really enjoy horseback riding and working with animal rescues. 

- The favorite pick-me-up in the middle of a busy day at the salon? (music, coffee, etc.)
My favorite pick me up in the afternoon would be Starbuck Mango refresher with Black Tea and no water. It is totally refreshing and just the perfect boost for along day.