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K18 FUNdamentals #17: Next-Level Hair Renewal? It’s Biomimetic.


You know what's fun? When your product works. We'll be breaking down key info + recommendations to help you get the most out of K18.

In a world of rinse-off hair products, hearing that our K18 mask delivers lasting + progressive results might throw you for a loop. We all know traditional conditioners + hair masks wash away, but so do the results they promised.

That’s where our leave-in steps in, giving you lasting hair renewal.

The secret is where and how our biomimetic peptide works. Instead of traditional conditioners + hair masks that coat the outside of hair, our K18PEPTIDE™ works all the way in the innermost layers of hair. By mimicking the natural structure of the polypeptide (keratin) chains, our biomimetic peptide is recognized as natural for lasting results.

It works like this:

Our K18 mask is a leave-in applied out of the shower. We do it this way so hair is damp (not wet) to provide optimal absorption and so you won’t be tempted to wet that hair before the 4-minute wait period is up.

4 minutes post-K18, feel free to rewet your hair if your routine calls for it, hop back in the shower and add conditioner, you do you. Once our K18PEPTIDE™ is where it needs to be, your hair renewal is already happening, no matter what happens next. Nice.

better over time:
We recommend using the K18 mask for the first 4-6 washes, so your results get better with continued use. But if K18 results are lasting, why is K18 not a one-and-done deal? Well, ever heard of hair damage? It’s everywhere. Pollution, UV rays, hard water, buildup, and more constantly damage your hair. That’s when you reach for your K18 mask to combat ongoing damage for ALL your strands…even the ones you missed while applying the first time (don’t worry, it happens).

Good thing is, since our K18PEPTIDE™ works on the inside of your hair, our treatment doesn’t have to coat every single strand to make an overall difference. But of course, you want the best for your hair (who doesn’t). So here are some tips for applying the K18 mask like a PRO:
1. Start with 1ml (about a dime-sized amount) and warm it between your hands. Watch it turn an opaque white—this will help you see where you’re applying.
2. Apply all over
3. Rub your hands together again, and evenly distribute whatever product is left.
4. Add ½ ml more at a time to encounter any missed strands—average use is only 2mls!  

In short: The more often you use the K18 mask, the more strands you’ll encounter, and the better your results will be.